Apinger.status location and Disk IO

  • Running 2.0 Beta4 Built on Dec 9th

    apinger is set to update its /tmp/apinger.status file every 5 seconds.  This is fine but is very annoying when you have to listen to disk IO.

    Maybe the question is how one would set up their '/tmp'.  Is it a md file system or a physical disk?  in my situation a physical disk (is the other feasible?), so to keep the constant 5 second interval IO calls that apinger imposes off of the physical hard disk I did the following.

    Created a '/var/status' directory, and added '/sbin/mdmfs -S -M -s 4m md /var/status' to '/etc/rc' after the check for the pfsens platform and after the other md mount statement.

    Added a '"status_path" => "/var/status"' to the '/etc/inc/globals.inc'

    In '/etc/inc/gwlb.inc', changed all references for '"$g['tmp_path']}/apinger.status"' to '"$g['status_path']}/apinger.status"'.

    This is not going to relieve all disk io but for my basic deployment not capturing large data amounts and the machine is in my bedroom, keeping the disk access noise down is a plus.

    Would a better setup of my '/tmp' dir be advised? I do not want to start a partition scheme war here, and I would not like to change these every time i setup pfsense.  Will look at other ways to possibly fine tune this as well.

    • Jim

  • If you want the disk to almost never be touched, run the embedded version on the hard drive. Then everything that's written during normal operation is in RAM.

    It would also be fine to hack your current install to run /tmp from md.

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