EDIT - pfsense traffic blocked i386 build Dec 11 05:06:09 EST 2010

  • updated to i386 build Sat Dec 11 05:06:09 EST 2010

    Web GUI now freezes for a couple of minutes after login (while checking for updates) until check fails.

    While frozen, access from other browsers to other pages also stops responding.

    Once the check fails the GUI does become responsive again.

    TCP/UDP Traffic from pfSense to wan appears to be blocked.  From the console, FTP, fetch, nslookup, dig all timeout.

    ICMP / Ping traffic passes.

  • Being afraid of upgrading  :D does anyone else have this issue on i386?

    Update: didn't have any issues apart from VirtualIPs (type carp) not working. Hitting save in the VIP section of the gui was enough to get it working again..

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I'm glad it's working for you. I'll try doing a clean install.

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