PHP syntax error when editing VPN Tunnel

  • VPN:IPsec/Tunnels - When clicking on a currently disabled vpn tunnel's edit button. Beta4, 12/12/10, i386

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in /usr/local/www/vpn_ipsec_phase1.php on line 515

  • Yeah, I got that too.. in 2.0-BETA4  (i386) built on Sat Dec 11 18:55:28 EST 2010.

    I commented that whole line, and the foreach-line before that. Seems to work anyway (since I was able to set up a tunnel after this was done) until this get properly fixed :)


    Those lines I commented looks something like:

    foreach ($aliaslist as $aliasip => $aliasif)
    $interfaces[$aliasip] = $aliasip." (".get_vip_descr($aliasip).")" = $aliasip." (".get_vip_descr($aliasip).")" = $aliasip." (".get_vip_descr($aliasip).")";

  • Hi,

    Yes, sorry about this :-(

    I already fixed it, so it should be available on next snapshots.

    Sorry again,

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