PFSense 2 no nagios support?

  • Hi,
    It's not a bug report but I am wondering if there will be a nagios plugin/package available for PFSense 2 in the rc or final version. I know that there was a nagios package for the 1.2.3 release and that right know, only the zabbix package is available for the 2 version.
    It could be nive for people that only have nagios has their monitoring solution, and also because now, smart is available to check the disk state.


  • Well also 2.0 is capable of snmp. So just use snmp to test what you like on pfSense…
    Standard MIB for interfaces eg should be supported...

  • nrpe is not availaible under 2.0 ?

  • It is possible to install nrpe with pkg_add -r nrpe2, but it's not officially supported by pfSense (yet?)

  • it's supported under 1.2.3 I hope it will be for 2.0 :)

  • Yesterday I've tried check_mk

    He has freebsd check binary so it work well under pfsense 2.0 and if you enable snmp from pfsense you can get more objects to watch.

    Check my attachment.

    ![Check_MK Multisite.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Check_MK Multisite.jpg)
    ![Check_MK Multisite.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Check_MK Multisite.jpg_thumb)

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