Never show states summary

  • I was try last 2-3 week to see the states summary. It is never showing me. Each time i click on that link it just hang for forever.

  • works for me on Dec10 and Dec14 snapshots and I didn't mention any issues with this page in other snapshots. Perhaps this is a problem which comes together with other packages oder configurations.

  • Hi bouncer,

    I'm using the Dec 11, 2010 pfSense 2 BETA 4 build and the states summary works fine for me. I did notice, however, that it seems to take several seconds if you have lots of states. For example, when I am using BitTorrents, I generally have over 1000 states and have noticed that the state summary is a little slow. I guess you just have to be patient.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have a high number of states it would probably take quite a while to collect and sort through all of that info.

  • I have always over 30,000. I think this is the reason may be take forever.

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