Dual WAN question

  • Hello, I just install Pfsense and here's what I want to do with it:

    I have one ISP using PPPoe which I put it on WAN and it works fine, but on OPT1 I have to put the other ISP which uses static ip,gateway and DNS, and what I want to find out is how to put DNS to the OPT1 interface, if that is possible.

  • as i understand you only want that your internal network to use the opt1 connection to resolve domain names? so you need a policy based routing, create a rule for tcp/udp port 53 to be routed through the opt1. (firewall-rules-lan-create new-and specify there your second connection's gateway). and in the system - general type your desired dns.

  • I tried this method but nothing happens … when I look into "Status --> Interfaces" it shows me the DNS I put at "System --> General Setup" at WAN at the PPPoe Connection instead of the OPT1 ethernet. Any clue what I could do ?

    I want to set OPT1 like a network adapter (local area network) in Windows  :) with " IP: 81.xxx.xxx.xxx , Subnet: 255.xxx.xxx.xxx, Gateway: 81.xxx.xxx.xxx, DNS: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" but the dns is the problem.

  • Add a static route at system>static routes for the dns server/32 at interface opt1, gateway opt1-gateway.

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