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  • Hi, I have a pfsense 1.23 that's running very well, it's running 2 wan's, 2 Ipsec to 2 Ipcops and some firewall rules. But I wanna change this old pc (P III) to a new PC (P IV) and all hardware will be changed (cpu + mb + network card (3) + memory). If I configure network cards manualy like they are in the old PC,  can I backup and restore "ALL" (or  "ALL" can be used just with the same hardware)? Or, how I have just some settings would be better install everything manualy. Must I continue with 1.23 or upgrade to 2.0?

  • Assuming you get your interfaces right you should be able to transfer the config file no problem. In most cases you can even reuse the boot drive or filesystem, although the rootfs device sometimes has to be changed in /etc/fstab.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Just install pfSense onto the new hardware and restore the config. It may ask you to reassign interfaces but aside from that, as long as the number of interfaces is the same (or greater) there shouldn't be any issues.

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