PfSense 2.0 on an SSD

  • so i bought one of these SSD's:
    for use in my pfSense box.

    1. what considerations should i make to prolong the life of the SSD ?

    2. the SSD supports TRIM; does pfSense ? if so, is TRIM something that is transparent to the end user, or is there a configuration tool that would be required for setup ?

    3. what about logs ? are logs written to disks as they populate, or are they cached in ram and periodically written out to disk ?

    4. is using an SSD a good idea in the first place ?

    The ada(4) driver now supports BIO_DELETE. For SSDs this uses TRIM feature of DATA SET MANAGEMENT command, as defined by ACS-2 specification working draft. For Compact Flash use CFA ERASE command, same as ad(4) does. This change realizes restoring write speed of SSDs which supports TRIM command by doing newfs -E /dev/ada1, for example.


    Looks like 8.1 supports TRIM but I'm not sure how it's implemented.

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