Can't send google mail via thunderbird, but i still can send via html

  • Hi all,

    Yesterday I install and configure pfsense, it easy to install and have a nice interface.

    I have a problem with sending email, I already using search button at pfsense forum to find similar problem, but i can't find one. So i decide to open a new one.

    My problem is, I can't send mail at thunderbird with have gmail account inside it, but i can send mail using html interface provide by gmail.

    Means my port it's not the issues right? Ok then i try disconnect pfsense and make my computer direct to router. And its work. Only if i'm using pfsense i can't go through it. Which part do i check?

    Thanks for your support.

  • assuming you did not edit any rules add any packages and have just the base install, its a thunderbird issue, most likely you are using the wrong ports for gmail

  • My setting at thunderbird problem?

    but, if I bypass pfsense and go to router instead, my thunderbird can send email.

    Did i have extra configuration at thunderbird if i'm using pfsense? or i need change port at thunderbird if i'm using pfsense?

  • it should work then. your network should be: modem-pfSense-computer, where pfSense is getting a public IP from the modem.

  • Ya it should work by logic

    and my user get internet connectivity means my setup is successful

    I try to make factory default and see how it will be.

  • I find similar / exactly with my problem, i quote it here.

    Hello everyone,
    I have a little problem on my network. i have a simple network with a Lan behind a pfsense router (1.2.2). I access the Internet through a modem. pfsense is configured to use this modem as a gateway.
    LAN –--  Pfsense ------- WAN

    I can receive mails but for some reason i can't seem to be able to send mail. I have an error whether i use thunderbird or outlook. It says recipient adress rejected: missing authentication. However if i connect directly on the modem it works with the exact same configuration.

    Something must be blocked by pfsense, but i see nothing in the logs. Also smtp is authorised on pfsense.
    What could be the problem?

    Ok, i finally found the problem.
    There was no problem with the firewall, it was a problem of DNS.

    How DNS should be help? I just point my DNS to my router ( and my server (

    It's wrong?

  • Check for errors on your interfaces.  We had similar problems a while back.  The issue was caused by a faulty WAN port on our CPE, however the same thing can happen to a NIC port in your pfSense box.

  • I already check, the problems not because of DNS nor WAN port.. It's because network shaper, I noticed when I disable the network shaper, than thunderbird can send email.

    Just wondering, which one of rules blocked application thunderbird who use SMTP Protocol.

    In my settings, i just blocked all p2p application, and I also make smtp /pop3/imap to high priority.

    Nothings wrong with that right?

  • Anyway the problem already solve,

    Thanks for replying and viewing.

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