2 locations, route all traffic trough location1 via IPSEC

  • Hi,

    We have 2 physical locations, connected to via IPSEC. One of the
    locations has a PFsense router. I want to pass ALL other WAN traffic
    of Location2 trough Location1 before it enters the WAN.
    (So on location2 Blockall in/outbound WAN-traffic, except IPSEC-traffic)

    WAN <–-> PFSense/ <--ipsec/wan--> ZyWALL5/

    What kind of routing, policy routing or static routing in the ZyWALL? What is the best approach? Difficulty is that IPSEC goes trough WAN...?!? OpenVPN site-to-site is not an option on location2.

    PfSense 1.2.3
    Dell PE-T110 4Gb 5 Gb-NICS
    I own PF Definitive guide

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