Is PFSense safe?

  • I have read on-line that it just came out that some freeBSD developers may have put some sort of back door in BSD for money.  I know that pfsense is based on freeBSD. Are the part's of freeBSD that are of concern even in pfsense?

    Is pfsense safe or even at risk?

  • IMO It's software so there is always a risk.
    To weight that BSD back door story is hard as nothing have been proved, just words so fare.
    I know that the pfSense team support this DES's pledge (Perry used to be a great nickname  ::))

  • Makes sense. I had not seen  the info on the debate about the truthfulness of the e-mail. I just got worried when I saw it. Thanks, I am just more jumpy then normal when it comes to the OS protecting  our network.

    I guess I should also correct myself, it was openBSD, but the same stuff was used in freeBSD, but it might just be some hot air and nothing so move along now… move along

    Thanks, I'm sure it will all work out  :)

  • I suspect the article you read was the allegations about the OpenBSD IPsec stack.  One which so far appears to have no weight behind it (one of those named has come forwards and stated clearly that they did, and would do, nothing of the sort).

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