3 LAN 2 WAN, LANs not Talking to Each Other

  • LAN
    OPT1(WAN) DHCP Cable
    OPT3(ADSL2+ Modem Console)

    Both LAN and WiFi are able to access Internet(ISP Free Traffic through Cable and Everything else via ADSL2+).
    However LAN can't talk to WiFi PCs or Modem Console, Likewise WiFi can't talk to LAN or Modem Console, I would like them all to talk to each other.

    Static web Interface ADSL2+ Modem Console is on and I can ping it from the router.
    PCs on both LAN and WiFi cannot access the ADSL2+ modem web interface on

    PCs on both LAN and WiFi can access the router config page on all the following addresses without issue:, and

    Static web Interface on Cable Modem of
    PCs on both LAN and WiFi can access the Cable modem web interface on

    Seems that I am missing something somewhere.
    Firewall rules are set
    LAN tab
    *  LAN net  *  *  *  * 
    Likewise on WiFi tab
    *  WiFi net  *  *  *  *
    and Modem Tab
    *  Modem net  *  *  *  *

  • Are you using any other firewall rules above the ones you listed, including the "block private networks" setting? Are you using automatic outbound NAT or advanced?

  • "Block private networks" Is only available to be selected and is turned on, on the WAN interface.

    "Automatic outbound NAT rule generation (IPsec passthrough)" is selected.

    The only other firewall rules are for the port forwards  from the WAN to specific PCs

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