• Greetings and happy holidays.

    I absolutley love PFSense.  We recently switched from m0n0wall to PFSense for the Traffic Shaping features.

    My question is how to add traffic shaping rules for SSH traffic.  We currently run several Linux Terminal servers (LTSP) and we've added FreeNX (over ssh) to these boxes.  We'd like to have users start connecting over SSH instead of establishing a VPN connection which uses more resources.

    Is there a way to manually add SSH as a service to give it priority?

    Assistance greatly appreciated!


  • By default SSH interactive (keystrokes) get handled by our ACK queues.

    So if you add a SSH entry you'll end up priortizing bulk copies as well (most likely not what you want).

    So the jist of it is that it should already work :P