How to make a smiple Traffic Shaping in Local Lan?

  • like each local lan pc get a fix internet bandwidth 300kbps upload and 600kbps download

  • Are you using pfSense 2.0?

    If so, go to traffic shaper -> Limiters.

    Create 2 limiters, one for upload (300Kbps) and one for download (600Kbps).

    For the upload limiter, enable the source mask.  For the download limiter, enable the destination mask.

    Next, head to firewall -> rules -> LAN

    In the default allow all rules, scroll down and set the limiters to:  Upload/ Download

    If you have other rules in floating tab, you also need to set the limiters in them.

  • ya pfsense 2.0 lastest beta, thanks for advise, it's work great.   ;)

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