Have Lan to Lan bypass traffic shaper?

  • I would like to setup a Single Wan multi-Lan, shaping anything that has to go through the Wan, but not any Lan to Lan traffic.

    I saw a couple threads, one saying to have no floating rules, which had no effect in my tests, and another saying to disable both of the Lan queues, but wouldn't this mean that one client could use all of the download bandwidth?

    Experimenting with the shaper, after using the Single Wan multi-Lan wizard:

    • I increased the bandwidth settings on both parent Lan queues to Lan speeds
    • Set the Upperlimit m2 in qInternet to match the increased parents
    • Unchecked Explicit Congestion Notification from qDefault under both Lans
      qInternet bandwidth and m2 Link share were left alone, set to the internet download bandwidth

    Lan to Lan worked pretty well, but I wasn't sure how to test the internet download shaping.
    I set Lan1 qDefault priority to 5 and started a download on Lan2 client, and then started one on Lan1, and they seemed to split to download speeds 50/50.

    Is this the right setup to not shape Lan to Lan traffic? Or am I essentially disabling the Lan queues by setting the m2 Upperlimit much higher than the qInternet/Link share? If I am disabling them, what is the proper way to have traffic shaping without shaping Lan to Lan?

  • Set a pair of Quick Match Catchall rules to catch all traffic going from LAN1 to LAN2, vice versa.
    Set them to bypass the queues.  i.e.  use LAN as the target queue.

    Do not set the LAN to your internet download bandwidth, give it your maximum interface b/w eg. 1Gbps.

    Set the qInternet upperlimit to your internet bandwidth limit so that internet traffic is still capped.

    Bring the 2 floating rules to the top so they catch your intranet traffic immediately before any other traffic.

  • Thanks for your help, I think I got it to work, but I couldn't get the traffic to use the root queues. Intead I created a child queue with bandwidth set to LAN speed minus qInternet and set the floating rules to use the new queues.

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