Will pfsense do this for me?

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if pfsense is suited to what I want? I have a block of public ip addresses from my isp; I want three computers to be operating under the router's ip, and the other 2 to connect with their own addresses.

    [machine#1]- connected using routers ip
    [machine#2]- connected using routers ip
    [machine#3]-connected using routers ip
    [machine#4]-connected using own ip
    [machine#5]-connected using own ip

    As I understand it I'm not able to achieve this with a consumer level physical router, so I was wondering if pfsense is what I'm looking for.



  • Yes, this can be accomplished with judicious use of regular NAT and 1:1 NAT.  The 1:1 NAT will apply to computers you intend to give unique routed IP addresses to.

  • Would it take more than 1/2 an hour for support to help me set something like this up? Just considering getting some paid support.

    Edit: scrap that, I just realised I'd need to pay 600 to get it done!

  • Keep in mind that the $600 pays for support hours which can be used over the course of a year.  So if the setup only takes 1/2 an hour, you have plenty more time to use for setting up things like the traffic shaper, load balancing, high availability clustering or upgrading to 2.0 when its released.