Using rules to redirect to transparent proxy

  • i dont know, in which group this

    i have pfsense

    squid box,

    how to write a rules, i just want redirect all 80port (except to 3128 on squid box
    on squid box, i have support for transparent proxy

  • Create a portforward at interface LAN, external adress any, protocol tcp, external port 80, nat IP <squid ip="">internal port 3128.</squid>

  • This will only work if squid is on a different interface. At least many months ago I couldn't get it to work with a redirect rule with squid on the same interface. Mostly due to not being able to add a rule thats like below

    rdr on {iface} inet proto tcp from !{squid ip} to any port = 80 -> {squid ip} port 3128

    Three options:

    1. Place squid box on different interface on the pfSense box and make the redirectrule.
    2. Set squid box up with a bridge and redirect traffic going through the bridge to squid.
    3. Change the pfsense dhcp lease default gateway to squid box and set the squid box gateway pointing to the pfsense box with traffic being redirected to squid.

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