Freeswitch missing?

  • I just upgraded an ALIX platform with 2.0 Beta 4 (Dec. 18th build) and it does not show Freeswitch in the packages.

    I built a system with 2.0 Beta4 apx 2 months ago and have FreeSWITCH as an option.  Did I miss something?

    The image I used was for NanoBSD 2G.



  • Could have been removed, although I don't know for sure. The devs (mcrane et al) are moving in a different direction:

  • Since mcrane has moved onto FusionPBX, I suspect we won't see the old Freeswitch package on 2.0 (I believe it's not there because it doesn't work on 2.0/PHP5). Hopefully mcrane will create a FusionPBX package on 2.0 though, until then there are the instructions clarknova linked.

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