How to define odd and even IP address in CIDR(solved)

  • 2.0betaAMD64 built on 12/18/2010

    I have 2 WAN 1 LAN, i don do load balance due to some security website and online games issue

    i want to use odd number IP address like, 192 168.0.3….. to go WAN1

    even number IP address like,, to go WAN2

    how to define in CIDR?

    there is for odd number IP address(my old router setting) for even number IP address(my old router setting)

  • I don't think you can.  While I believe a non-contiguous subnet is theoretically allowed by the RFCs, I've never heard of a TCP stack that implements it.  Find a different solution :)

  • well load balancer is the only choice to make both WAN to run.

    in server listening port : wich port?

    in server IP address :  what i have to fill in? wan ip?

    after that just add to pool enable and save it?

    no need to do anything in firewall rules?

    I am newbie in pf2.0, look confusing in setting.

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