DHCP not giving address to certain computers

  • Hi!

    I have the problem on two different installations/networks (1.2.3 Relase), that the DHCP Server just doesn't give addresses to certain computers. For Example I installed pfsense on a site with ~10 Apple Airport WLAN-Stations and ONE just wouldn't get an IP by DHCP. After 'playing' around for an hour or so I gave it a fixed IP. Then when the owner arrived with his MacBook, that wouldn't get an IP either. But other Macbooks that weren't on this network before did. Tried some things the next day (i.E. restarting DHCP Service) and suddenly he got one.
    Then I took a Windows machine to my place to make some changes and then that one wouldn't get an IP either.
    I think restarting DHCP did the trick again, but I'm not sure.
    Any ideas?


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