Can't ping, but i can ping

  • Hai,Me again.

    I just install pfsense recently, but i can't go to system package because my pfsense can't ping but it can ping I also can browse with no problem.

    My DNS Setup at System > general setup is google dns. which is and

    Did you all have any idea about this?


  • sometimes it is a glitch. try from another computer.

  • I tried it since morning, I still can't ping even i try to using command prompt on Windows, and it say request time out.

    Really weird, why only If i did anything wrong it should be all website right?

  • Folks, that's normal.  You should be surprised when a site does respond to a ping - ping is not a diagnostic tool beyond your own network's boundary.  Most sites block ping requests or more accurately, block everything and don't then allow ping requests, but only connections to the services such as the web server.

    Indeed, were you to search the forum you'd find another recent thread on exactly the same matter.

  • I almost forgot the basic rule on troubleshooting, always reset first when it doesn't work.

    Now the problem solve after I restart.

    Silly me, I should restart first before posting. Sorry guys.

  • does not accept pings lol.

  • Ya, i notice it when i restart, I can go to package but can't ping pfsense.

    don't laugh at me lorh.. I now i'm kinda newbie.. =.=

    Did I need shutdown the pfsense or I just let it running 24 hours?

  • its up to you as to whether or not you want it on all the time. I leave mine on all the time.
    Forgot about the ping being disabled.

  • Ya, I ask my friend he also do it the same, just act it like server he said.

    About ping, let's forget it =.=

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