Proxy arp 1:1 NAT stops responding after interface changes

  • Hi all,

    We've run into this twice in the last week or so and I wanted to get some feedback:

    pfsense release 1.2.3, WAN network is a /27 and most of the IPs in this network are entered as virtual IPs using proxy arp.

    The problem is that after doing interface work (adding an interface, for example), the proxy arp IPs stop responding.  Tonight I was able to get them to respond again by making a change to the list of virtual IPs and saving.  Is there any better way handle this or, even better, to prevent this from happening?  I was aware that this could happen as it happened once last week, and so I tested immediately after making the changes, and things seemed fine… fast forward a few hours and I'm getting panicked phone calls.

    Last week this happened after such a simple config change as changing the comment in a vlan entry.  Today it was after adding a new vlan, and then an interface using that vlan.

    Just thought I'd see if this is a problem for anyone else.



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