Quick question about my router and DMZ setting.

  • In my setup I have the DMZ setting on my DSLrouter set to the WAN ip of my PFS box.  Enabling this setting would that bipass all the settings I have set on my modem like port forwarding firewall NAT etc?

    I'm just wondering as I have all sorts of traffic going on my network.  With all computers turned off so only the PFbox is on all the switches in my house are almost constantly flashing.  It seems to flash much faster when more computers are turned on even if they are doing nothing.  But that could just be coincidence.

    I used a program to run in promiscious mode so I can see what all the traffic is,  I don't really know how to read it but alot of it seemed to be DNS as it was colour coded so I could at least tell what kinda traffic it was.

    Any ideas why all the traffic is always being sent to all my switches/nodes even when no computer is connected?

  • Impossible to tell without showing us a sample TCPDUMP.

    It's most likely no issue at all.  This topic has been already covered in other threads here.  Search around.

  • Actually I started one of the "other" topics.  I never did find out what the problem was.  And the problem I was having then is different.  As the blink wasn't random flashes it was at a specific interval of about 2 seconds.  This can be anywhere from less than a second to flashing very rapidly even when nothing is connected.

    I fixed the problem last time by starting fresh with a new version.  I guess I could try that again.

    I was just posting incase someone else had experienced this.  I've gone on holiday for a month and a half so I can't get back to fix/diagnose it anymore unfortunatly.  Was worth a try.