1U Rackmount Case/Computer for pfsense

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a 1U case that either has a computer in it, or simply a smallish 1U case, similar to this: http://m0n0.ch/wall/gallery/42.jpg  that I can use to run my pfsense firewall?  I am looking for something relatively inexpensive, and I certainly don't need a super powerful computer.  If I could even put my current pfsense hardware in a new 1U case, that would work well.


  • Check out our recommended vendors. Most of them have 1U solutions http://pfsense.com/index.php?id=40 too.

  • We use 2 of this http://www.arbor.com.tw/products/products_detail.aspx?Product_Name=MBX-1726

    On downside, the lcd takes com1 (can't be changed) so console redirection isn't possible without building a custom kernel in the dev version (still have to do it myself).

  • Pay attention to 1U form computers.
    It's good but the more you have power (pentium 4, D, …), the more it's noisy!

    I just got a tyan gs14 with pentium 4 524+ and it's equal to a vaccum cleaner!
    Even enclosed in a standard 19" wall mounted box (8 or 10U), it's still that noisy we need to close the door of the room where it stands...

    I think the better solution depends of the power you need, keeping in mind that the throughoutput is falling considerably from a pentium 4 (imagine 5 40mm fans with 2 at 14760rpm and 3 at 6800rpm...) to a soekris platform (just fanless!!)

  • I've used this case with a tyan board for a lot of 1U server projects. It's a compact, solidly built case, just make sure you get an I/O shield that fits.

  • @peter.riche:

    Pay attention to 1U form computers.
    It's good but the more you have power (pentium 4, D, …), the more it's noisy!

    I wouldn't spend money on a 1U if it's not for datacenter use.

  • You also can check ebay for 1U servers. My pfSense at home is a 1U IBM eserver 330, PIII-S 1,4 GHz (2nd cpu socket empty), 1.2 GB ram, 2x 36 GB SCSI hotswap Raid1, 2x gigabit intel nics onboard and one additional nic with integrated 4-port-switch in the additional pci slot. Even the rails were included. I got this machine for 245 euros on ebay (excluding the additional pci nic). This was actually much cheaper than lot's of other new 1U appliance solutions which often are not even that powerful.

  • I use Dell PowerEdge 850 servers with dual port gigabit nics. That worked for me.

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