VOIP with TOS=5 on inbound traffic

  • I trying to work out some occasional choppy inbound audio with voip in an asterisk system.  My network is 2 vlans. One for data one for voice.  The one and only switch in the network, a swr224g4p, seems to be doing a good job at prioritizing voip traffic out to the router which is currently a ddwrt linksys.  I have  pfsense 2.0 beta livecd on a old pc as a test to replace the linksys with pfsense. I needed 2.0 to have traffic shaping functionally for multiple vlans.

    I am now questioning my approach.  The ISP is the SIP provider.  My location is on a point to point T1 to them with only 2 hops to the PSTN interconnect.  They are telling me that they mark all voip traffic coming to me with TOS=5.  How does this effect the traffic shaper?
    Should I be taking a different approach.  All of my pfsense use thus far is for multi-wan.  No real traffic shaper experience.  Everything I 've seen says I don't want TOS set.  But does that apply with the end to end control of the T1?

  • It won't matter in this case.  ToS is useful for prioritizing traffic before putting it onto a slower link.  It is not very likely that the T1 is actually faster than your LAN setup, so I can't see this making any difference whatsoever.

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