Usb HUAWEI Modem to obtain internet access and share it using Access point

  • Hi,
    In the place I live Im able to use internet only using an USB modem (HUAWEI).
    On the other hand i have and Access Point (linksys) and 3 notebooks.

    What i need to do is:

    1.- Install pfsense to the Pc (already did)
    2.- Connect the USB to the PC
    3.- Connect the AP to the PC using a network card
    4.- Connect the 3 notebooks to the AP and obtain internet.

    How can I configure pfsense and the AP to acomplish this ??

    Thanks in advance

  • Did you mean m0n0wall? If so you're in the wrong place.

    2. If the device is supported just plug it in then configure it as the WAN interface. You may need to be running pfSense 2.0 to get it to work

    3. Disable the DHCP service on the AP if it has one then connect a network cable between the pfSense LAN interface and the AP

    4. OS dependant, please consult the documentation for your operating system

  • Sorry for the mistyping in fact is pfsense, Im changing from m0n0wall to pfsense because it is more flexible and complete.

    Ill try your sugested configuration.

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