Spamd issues

  • I installed spamd, and had to do a few manual tweaks to get it running.

    • Put the following in /etc/rc.conf: pfspamd_enable="YES"

    • Start it manually by executing /usr/local/etc/rc.d/pfspamd start

    I can see that it listens on ports 8025 and 8026, but there is no redirection from port 25. What else should I do to get this working?

    The config contains the following:

    The referenced rcfile does not exist, only /usr/local/etc/rc.d/pfspamd, maybe this is why it does not start.


  • Mine no longer starts either, I haven't toyed with it yet to get it working but I will give this a go

  • Once you hit the whitelist its meant to redirect your connection to port 25. I could get it to open port 25 on a grey or blacklist but as soon as it hit whitelist, no connection on port 25 for that whitelisted IP address.

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