• i am going to setup a pfsense server in a college having 2000 students , machine is Intel Quad core processor+8GB RAM+ i TB HDD, i am planning to use firewall,squid, squidguard etc , please give me some advises ….

  • Consider using two firewalls for high availability.  Don't run squid and squidguard on the firewalls, they're a major resource pig, especially under high loads and can lead to instability.  Instead run squid and squidguard on a separate box (or several separate boxes load balanced for high availability).  Depending on how complex your setup is, consider investing in commercial support.

  • Do look to at both your total bandwidth requirements and total packets per second.  Both will have a major impact on the hardware you need and what services you can run on the same platform.

  • i have 2000 users but at a time there will be <=100 users then is it necessary to separate firewall and squid ???

  • If you're pushing 10 or 20 Mb/s of HTTP traffic no, if you're pushing hundreds of MB/s of HTTP traffic then maybe.  Raw user numbers are quite far down the list of things to consider - it's more about bandwidth, packets per second and unique connections.

  • i have a 4Mbps connection only !!! now i installed and started configuring it everything expect RAM working fine , i have 8 GB RAM but pfsense identifying only 4 GB (  3.2 exactly ) is there any way to utilize the whole RAM

  • 32 bit operating systems generally have a 4 GB RAM limit.  To use the other 4 GB of RAM you'll need to install the 64 bit version of the 2.0 beta version.  I would suggest instead you wait for it to be released, or at least one of the release candidates.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you really need more than 4GB for 4mb/s throughput? I realise that squid and squidguard eat resources but still.

  • 4 mbp/s connection? Tell them to tether their phone on 4g, or even 3g.