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    Pfsense SonicWall
    64.62.x.x/29 64.65.x.x/29

    I have an ISP provided router that has both my public IP ranges configured on it. Everything is working from each firewall except if I try to browse to web sites that are located on the Sonicwall firewall from clients behind the Pfsense firewall. The sites will not come up….

    If I reboot the Pfsense appliance they sometimes work for around 5 minutes and then I get an error in the log files ….Kernel:Arplookup 64.65.x.x failed: host is not on local network. I know its not on the local network but why does Pfsense think its located on the local network?
    Anyone know what’s going on here? What am I missing?

  • I'm not a guru by far, but I think you may need to set a static route in pfSense, and possibly sonicwall as well.  Not sure exactly how to go about that, but maybe one of the people that know what they're doing can give further input?