Captive portal users?

  • i've had a look around  and seen a few posts but none of them answered what i'm looking for and i'm sure this has bound to be asked before so forgive me if i'm missing the obvious?
    i see how vouchers work etc and how to edit a page for vouchers. but what if i just want to use users?
    where do i do that now in v2. i see the users tab with groups etc but all i can see is webcfg -  captiveportal*. shouldn't there be a user - captiveportal?

  • you just create a user, add it to a group that you title (like wifi users), don't give any permissions for anything, and the user will be added into just being able to login using the captive portal user login and not being able to login to any of the web configuration of the pf sense itself.

  • thank you. that has done it. happy xmas!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some work was being done on a permission for CP login but I'm not sure if that will make 2.0 or not. Should be in 2.1.

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