Bug detected, should I report here?

  • I've found a bug with version 1.2.3, should I report it here? The bug is to do with the wifi card and DHCP. In my case I had the lan as 192.168.0.x and the wifi as 192.168.10.x. I wanted to bridge the wifi to the lan because some apps didn't like the different subnets. This kept failing to work because the wifi clients kept getting 102.168.10.x addresses. The problem ended up being that DHCP was still enabled on the wifi card even though it no longer appeared in the DHCP screen. The solution was to disable DHCP for the wifi card before bridging it with the LAN. So basically the bug is that DHCP can remain enabled for an interface even if that interface does not appear in the DHCP screen.

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    If you can still reproduce the same problem on a 2.0 snapshot, then it may be worth reporting, but so many things have changed with 2.0 (especially with bridging) that it's hard to say if that can still happen.

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