Does PFSense work without a modem in bridgemode?

  • My Speedtouch modem does not seem to be able to handle all the items that are on my LAN so I'm looking to build a routerPC to take care of things like VLAN and DHCP.

    I've tried setting up a modem in bridgemode earlier, but it seems that does not work with my internet connection. Can PFSense do the work I need it to do behind a normal modem? Will that give reduced performance?

  • Yes, and no.  I've run my pfSense host behind an external firewall for long enough without problems.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've used pfSense behind a bridged modem and behind a NAT modem and it works fine either way, though with double NAT happening you can expect issues with certain protocols like SIP, IPsec, and probably FTP.