Wake On LAN Service error on pfsense AMD 64bit last snapshot 27.12.2010

  • I tried to add widgets Wake On LAN to dashboard and I got some error like this

    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function ucase() in /usr/local/www/widgets/widgets/wake_on_lan.widget.php on line 52 "

    This is pfsense AMD 64bit last snapshot 27.12.2010. I used webbrowser Firefox, IE and Opera and I got the same error.

    Can someone suggestion what is happen with this error?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Should be fixed in the next new snapshot

  • Hello Jimp,

    Thank u for your suggestion. In this forum you help a lot of people to solve the problem. One year ago I bought your pfsense book and I still use it until now. It is very usefull.
    I hope that the new pfsense book 2.0 wil comming uit soon. Sorry, My english is very bad.


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