Load balancing and bittorent

  • Hi,

    I've just created a pfsense firewall with dual PPPOE connections.
    I've used this guide: http://conheotiensinh.blogspot.com/2010/08/loadbalance-with-multi-pppoe-interface.html
    Except the last step. I've edited the lan rule.

    But now I want to distribute our software to our vendors using bittorrent.
    So I've created 2 nat rules. 1 for each interface to open the bittorent port.

    Is this the right thing to do or is it better to limit bittorent to 1 WAN?

  • One issue I can see is one I've had myself, which is with trackers.  Some will not record information from two IPs as the same user for ratio information.  Also, as a thought, it might be best to limit BT to one WAN, so you won't have issues with both connections being throttled by BT traffic.

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