PPPoE behind NAT?

  • Is it possible to create with pfsense such NAT-ed LAN network from within every host will be able
    to connect to ISP by using pppoe? It would look like this:

    NAT LAN–>pfsense-->WAN interface-->ISP through pppoe

    I need to create such configuration where every user will be able  connect to ISP with his own account but also to
    stay behind single ethernet device(e.g. behind pfsense firewall).

    Is there a pppoe-relay support in pfsense?

  • No. This is not currently possible and I don't think integrating such a feature makes too much sense as nearly nobody has need for it (except you and maybe a few others). I'm afraid. However I don't want to disencourage someone from starting working on this.

  • OK, but is there something else that could do the work?
    Maybe something else could be done instead of NAT…..whatever?

  • Not that I know of.

  • we added the pppoe-server package to our embedded platform it supports pppoe relay and works really well the only differnace is our network is unatted and we relay into an openvpn tunnell let us know if you want any tips

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