Squid default settings vanished

  • 1. I install squid
    2. I look at the configuration pages, but do not change anything
    3. I install squidGuard
    4. I look at the configuration pages for squidGuard, do not change anything, save and apply to start it

    After tinkering around and not being able to access anything when using the squid proxy (set correct in IE's connection window), I find that the settings have been erased on squid's General configuration (with the exception of a custom startup thing that started off with some 'redirect' to squidGuard).

    I uninstall squidGuard, and the General configuration for squid is entirely blank.

    I uninstall squid and the install squid. The default configuration no longer shows up – everything is still blank!

    I uninstall squid, and then I get into the server via SSH and do find / -name squid, go to the right directory, and do rm -rf "squid".

    I install squid again only to find myself looking at a blank General configuration page..

    This is lame.

    There is a problem with squidGuard. Perhaps a couple.
    1. The Logs page does not show correctly, and in that page when I try to view "Filter logs" I get a PHP error (if I recall correctly, it was to some .inc file).
    2. It wipes the configuration of squid – or at the least, clears the fields in the webpage in pfSense for squid. How am I supposed to configure squid settings w/o having to get all ugly into SSH and vim?

  • What version (number) of pfSense did you install?  What version (number) of both the Squid and squidGuard packages did you install?

    Oh, and please keep it civil.

  • @Cry:

    What version (number) of pfSense did you install?  What version (number) of both the Squid and squidGuard packages did you install?

    Currently the latest pfSense, squid, and squidGuard.

    built on Sun Dec 6 23:21:36 EST 2009

    platform: 1.2.1

    1.3_1 pkg v.1.5
    platform: 1.1

    According to a poster at http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,31438.0.html, they should work fine, and I believe they do (as far as their primary functions). However, they appear to have a few minor but not-so-pleasant-for-newbies "bugs" – the ones I had addressed in the OP. I think these would be really the only "issues" for 1.2.3, and could probably be fixed by someone with moderate PHP/programming/scripting skills.


    Oh, and please keep it civil.

    I apologize for the way I wrote my post. I agree that my post could have been written a bit nicer and more pleasantly. :( After all, free support is a privilege, not a right.

  • I am not sure where this thread still stands, but are there any updates or suggestions or news?

  • I've never seen the behaviour you describe, and I don't remember coming across it on another thread. You may have stumbled across a package bug with squidGuard, or it may be related to your particular install and setup.

    Are you able to do a fresh install of pfSense and re-install your packages and see if it happens again.  If you can document it step by step as a repeatable process it'll give folks something meaningful to look into.