TinyDNS problem with configuration

  • Hi,
    I have problem with configuration of TinyDNS on pfSense.

    I fave 5 external IP adreses 83.13.x.193 - 83.13.x.198
    83.13.x.193 is my gateway (DSL modem)
    83.13.x.194 is VirtualIP for serwer with HTTP/HTTPs
    83.13.x.195 is VirtualIP for mail server
    83.13.x.196 is VirtualIP for another HTTP - ERP service
    83.13.x.197 is VirtualIP for admin use (port redirections of SSH, MS RDP, and others)
    83.13.x.198 is my pfSense

    How can i configure pfSense to be a ns1 and ns2 and record
    83.13.x.194 as mydomain.com                  , and rest like that:
    83.13.x.195 as mail.mydomain.com
    83.13.x.196 as subdomain1.mydomain.com
    83.13.x.197 as subdomain2.mydomain.com

    It's also posible that TinyDNS could be a DNS forwarder for local network?

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