• I noticed that 2.0 has a SMTP notification option for specific alerts.

    Sounds like a good feature for a home setup (since I do not need a syslog server at home ;)). The only problem is that I cannot find any info in the documentation on what is considerd a notification or alert.
    When does it send an e-mail? What are considerd notifications or alerts? Any chance that I can add them manualy? Block on a specific port or ip? Send daily syslog output? Max cpu usage?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no general way to do notifications (yet, in 2.0, may happen for 2.1) but for now the only things worthy of a notification are things that cause the scrolling error at the top of the GUI. Usually things that affect the system in some way: Errors loading filter rules, errors syncing to a carp slave, creating ssh keys, etc. Things that are pretty rare but critical to know about.

    For 2.1 I hope to be able to have some kind of general use for it, like disk space notifications, etc. We'll see what happens though…