Netgear DG834 & pfSense

  • Hi all,

    Have been reading up on setting up the following:

    Netgear DG834 –-> pfsense (running DHCP & DNS) ---> Client network

    My ultimate goal is to have the WAN address assigned to WAN interface of pfSense and use the Netgear as the ADSL modem and then bridge that connection to the pfSense box.

    The 2 options that I have come across so far are:

    1). Turn the DG834 into a modem only instead of a router+modem by changing the setting under to "modem only". Port 1 on the bank of 4 NICs on the back of the DG834 then becomes the port that you connect to the WAN port on your pfSense box. Then (this part I assume), you assign the static WAN address to the WAN interface of the pfSense box and the DG834 bridges the WAN address to the pfSense box.

    Have I understood this correctly?

    2. My second (and really ugly) option is to use dual NAT, have the DG834 give out a NAT address to the WAN interface of the pfSense box.
    I have every confidence that this will work but it's not a pretty way to do it. Off the top of my head, from an admin point alone, I'd have to add forwarders in both devices if I need to port forward anything.

    So my main question (hope) is, has anyone implemented point 1 above and if so, did this work out ok for you?

    Any other suggestions/thoughts are obviously welcome too.


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