CARP + ip alias + beta 5 = sad panda

  • Hi All:

    I've been running 2.0 snapshots for some time now successfully with the following config:

    2 subnets on WAN i/f, one primary, one ip alias subnet
    1 subnet LAN i/f (normal NAT)
    1 subnet OPT1 i/f (CARP)
    1 subnet MGMT i/f (normal NAT)

    There's 2 pfsense instances that successfully failover and speak CARP to each other.

    As of BETA5, a few things have started going wrong:

    1. IP alias does not propagate in a CARP sync from master to slave, has to be setup manually
    2. master is complaining about XMLRPC carp sync errors
    3. arp conflict errors for the ip alias address in logs
    4. slave sometimes reboots itself during xmlrpc sync

    perhaps i've done something wrong in the ip alias setup?  i'm using the same ip for both master and slave.  it's required in order to define CARP virtual IPs in the second WAN subnet.

    1. IP aliases can't sync, you would just have an IP conflict.
    2. exactly what is the error?
    3. see #1
    4. known issue we're tracking

  • ah, so if two redundant pfsense hosts have an ifalias, and want to use CARP VIPs within those aliased subnets each has to take a unique IP within that aliased subnet?  makes sense, just wish it was a little more clear.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Actually it's perfectly reasonable, as an IP alias is an additional interface IP directly assigned, and that requirement is already known for the main interface IP.

    CARP VIPs are the only exception to that, since they alone can be shared.

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