ALIX 2D3 compact flash card

  • Hi Everyone,

    I think I'm having some problems with the compact flash cards in my ALIX 2D3 firewalls.

    For the folks that have deployed many of these units running pfsense, can anyone please link me to some CF cards that I could buy that you guys swear by? (i.e. work really well with these boards)


  • I have a variety of Kingston and SanDisk that have no issues. In general, I've yet to see anything with a recognizable brand name (i.e. not some no name knock off card) that doesn't work. But SanDisk seems to have shrunk their CF cards recently, the 2 GB ones went from 1918 MB to 1907 MB, which is slightly too small for our 2 GB images. 1 GB works fine, we're looking at whether to shrink the image size further.

  • I can confirm that my 4GB Sandisk Ultra is smaller than the 4GB NanoBSD image requires.  Ended up using the 1GB image and allowing for the remaining cells to be used for failed cells instead.