Load Balancing - Two Web Servers - relayd Error

  • Once again I bow down to the pfSense genius that haunts these forums -

    Here's the setup:
    One WAN into two identical web servers
    Both servers are on the same internal network - two different physical machines
    WAN rules wide open for testing purposes

    9 Virtual IPs & One-To-One NAT turned on for 8 of them
    The IP I am attempting to use for this pool is not in the NAT forwarding or One-To-One

    I can create the pool just fine, and I don't appear to be having any issues with the Virtual Servers either. Screenshots attached.

    The System Logs show the following error after hitting apply once the Virtual Servers have been created:
    php: /load_balancer_virtual_server.php: The command '/usr/local/sbin/relayd -f /var/etc/relayd.conf' returned exit code '1', the output was 'relayd: unknown user _relayd'

    And when you check on the status of the Load Balancer, it states "Unknown - relayd not running?" See screenshot.

    Here is the contents of relayd.conf:
    log updates
    table <memapweb_80>{ 10.0.XX.38, 10.0.XX.39 }
    table <memapweb_443>{ 10.0. XX.38, 10.0.XX.39 }
    redirect "MEMAPWEB_80" {
      listen on 97.65.XX.63 port 80
      forward to <memapweb_80>port 80 check icmp timeout 1000
    redirect "MEMAPWEB_443" {
      listen on 97.65.XX.63 port 443
      forward to <memapweb_443>port 443 check icmp timeout 1000

    How do I correct the error?



  • pfSense 2.0 BETA is still having a lot of changes. It would probably be helpful if you said what build you are using.

  • Excellent point.

    2.0 Beta 5
    12-28 Snapshot

  • User _relayd is missing.
    Add user _relayd and restart relayd.

  • That worked. However, why wasn't that user created when the virtual server was established, if that user ID is required to make the pools work?

    Needing to create that user should be part of the documentation on building a load balancing pool, in the version 2.0 documentation, if that's not planned already.

    Not having ever created a load balance pool in version 1, was it necessary to create that user there too? I never read that in any of the how-to's.


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