Install on SSD with Aligned Partition

  • Does anyone have directions on how to install to an SSD with aligned partitions?

    I did a lot of research and really could not find a definitive way to do this with pfSense or FreeBSD. I ended up using fdisk under Linux and setting up an aligned partition with a boot and swap sub-partition this seemed to produce the correct BSD label but when I went through the pfSense install process I received several errors regarding the disk label not matching the physical heads and cylinders. I skipped through all the partitioning steps during install and pfsense is up and running but I am not sure my drive stayed aligned. I also do not have a swap partition and am not sure if this will cause problems. I do have 2GB ram though.

    How can I check alignment in Pfsense?  When I run fdisk from the shell it does not look to be aligned but I am not sure it is giving me accurate information.

    Is there a way to create aligned partitions during pfsense install?


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