Logging to hard drive

  • Hello,

    As many of pfSense users, my firewall is running on a low end computer with a huge hard disk (as 256MB is able to make it work normally, i think 40GB is huge!). But i'm really unpleased to create another dedicated computer just for logging purpose!
    I mean, why can't it saves logs to hard disk? Why does they go away on reboot? It would be great for me if logs could stand in it and be accessible (such as for checking who got connected via vpn yesterday, even if a power failure rebooted the computer…)

    I hope somebody can answer me, and moreover can say me how to do it well!

  • It was designed to do this to minimize code across platforms.  The current way we do it works for all platforms.  But by all means, if you want this functionality send a patch and it needs to be tested and proved to work on all platforms.  Otherwise I am not interested in changing the way it works, there are many more items on my list that are far more important than this.  Besides, you can reuse any computer on your network to be a syslog server.  Kiwi's syslog…

  • I understand the constraints of the various platforms, and imagine quite well some things are much important. But I thought it won't be difficult to "make a tweak" whether using a syslogd package or adding a line anywhere in a config file to redirect those lines… i don't know! I just thought someone already had the problem to raise!
    I mean, my firewall is to be fanless soon, and if I can keep the room clean of any noise, leaving vpn access and logging facilities (which need another fanless computer then...), it would be great!

    Considering kiwi, it's great, but windows stations are always to be rebooted one day or another because it acts slowly or whatever reason, so I will lose that period of logs... Besides, two computers crashes more often than one (especially if one is windows)! With this ability to keep logs, in my mind (which I admit not to be always clear!!), the firewall is independent and makes his (very good) work alone.

    Let me add, I'm probably not able to write any patch, especially for all platforms ;-) I respect your work and don't want to change the way you do or think. It's already very kind of yourself to take time to answer and I do thank you :-)

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