• I went to school with my new computer to install the Bradford Agent that didn't seem to work, the guys in the IT dept said they would put in my Mac address manually. So, I ask if all the Bradford Agent does is add MAC addresses for authentication, and they said yes.
    Here's the deal: I have a pfSense box at home and I use WPA2 and MAC authentication as security, is there a script that can add MAC addresses to pfSense?  Can't post bounty, unemployed going back to school.

  • Script to add them to what/for what?

  • It would be a script that would automatically connect to pfSense and and add the MAC address to the dhcpd>staticmap sections of the xml file, or directly to the DHCP Server page. I just thought it would be a nice thing for people who use MAC authentication, instead of having to go into the webGUI and putting it in manually. I don't know that much about scripting to make it myself, hence going back to school.

    I guess it would have to be two scripts, one for Windows and one for linux/unix/OSX.

  • You can script that with wget. Some searching here will find scripts and other examples.