Ipsec psk key - strange behaviour

  • my upgrade from 1.2.3 to v2 didn't go too well so i took a bit of time out and finally got v2 up and running on my alix board.
    i have the config from my 1.2.3 and none of it would import (even bit by bit) so i lost a few of my psk keys. no probs, i'll read them from the config.xml
    so, i have a few ipsec's going and i'm stuck on the last one. in the 1.2.3 backup config, it has a psk "Sn00zlE£@1@£" as a psk
    I can enter "Sn00zlE" in but if i attempt "£@1@£", pfsense resets it's config everytime so i'm guessing that the config has alternative ascii characters in it like "<" so what does "£@" & "@£" mean?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Probably not the two together, but one may not be allowed as a bare character in xml. I'm not sure how that was allowed before, might be changes in the xml parser code that did it.

    Have you tried it with just @'s, or just the pound symbols? I'm guessing it's the £ throwing it off.

    Since you've posted the PSK for all the world to see you're better off changing it anyhow. :-)

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