Use case for multiple WAN IP addresses

  • Hi there, I use FreeBSD on quite a few servers but have not used pfsense yet. Could you help me determine if pfsense is right for my use case?

    My WAN has four IP address, two static and two dynamic on a single ethernet port. Three of the IP addresses are used for public web servers, and the fourth is used for a home network and DMZ web server. I'd like to run pfsense as a VMware virtual machine on ESXi 4.1, and put pfsense and three FreeBSD web servers all on the same box, plus have a secure internal network.

    How many interfaces would you recommend on the host machine to setup this environment? Does a single WAN interface support multiple IP address aliases for static IP addresses like in standard FreeBSD? I suspect I can't get multiple DHCP addresses on a single port so I'll still need multiple WAN interfaces and a switch like my current setup.

    Today my setup is very simple:
    Internet <-> Gig-E Switch <-> then
    (1) web server (2 static IPs, one port with aliases)
    (2) web server (1 dynamic IP with DynDNS)
    (3) home router, DMZ web server and network (1 dynamic IP with ZoneEdit DNS)

    Thanks and happy new year!


  • bump

    What's the simplest way to manage multiple public IP addresses with pfsense, yet still manage and monitor all traffic? Is there a wiki or tutorial about this?

  • I suspect you'll need 4 - 3 for WAN and one for LAN.

    VIPs is what you're looking for regarding multiple WAN IP addresses.

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