Root: 17 addresses added? and "Bogons file downloaded"? What are these?

  • Hello,

    On our PFSense 1.2 log, I don't usually see much in the system log. About twenty minutes ago, I just saw something like this (not exact, but close)…

    root: 17 addresses added
    bogons file downloaded

    The messages were in that order. What do they mean? Is this anything to be concerned about? I'm not sure if the "root: 17 addresses added" has anything to do with DNS. I assume not. I've never seen that before and I'm using DNS forwarding. All of our client machines aren't even pointing to the pfsense box for DNS.


  • You're blocking bogons on your WAN interface which is populated by a file which is regularly updated.  pfSense downloads this file regularly.  That's what you're seeing in the logs.

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