Failover from WAN to GPRS/UMTS/HSPA

  • Hi

    I tried to configure a Failover from WAN to GPRS (PPP Device). After the study of many forum posts I'm sure my configuration should work. But it don't.

    I use pfSense 2.0 Beta5 (Snapshot 31.12.10) and a Huawei E1552 UMTS Stick on USB Port.

    Unter System/Routing I have two Gateways: WANGW (default) and GPRS. If I set the GPRS Gateway to default, all traffic runs out of this device. So the Huawei works fine.

    Now I defined a Gateway Group called Failover.

    WANGW -> Tier1
    GPRS -> Tier2

    Triggerlevel: "Member Down" (I also tried with "Packet Loss or High Latency")

    On Firewall/Roules/LAN I make a roule "Default allow LAN to Any Roule". But I set the Gateway (in Advanced section) to my Gateway Group "Failover".

    The same I do with the LAN Port.

    I think this should work, if I disconnect the WAN Cable the pfSense should make a failover to GPRS. But it doesn't. I have no idea why.

    On Status/Interfaces the ppp0 (GPRS Dongle) is up. But on Status/Gateways the GPRS is red (offline) Also the WAN port (but this is ok, I disconnect the cable).

    I also saw, that the GPRS Gateway is allweys red (offline) I never see this interface as online (green). And as I told before. If I set the GPRS gateway as default all traffic goes through this. But it is marked offline….

    Does anyone has an idea?



  • Show the configuration of you GPRS connection under interfaces->assign->ppp or the generated mpd_opt.conf in /var/etc.

  • I think you need to set a Monitor IP for your GPRS interface gateway. The PPP gateway by default is and 10.64.64.X address which usually never answers ICMP requests. Your gateway needs to respond to ping or you need to set a Monitor IP for that gateway for failover to work correctly.


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