ASUS Terminator T1-C3 / VIA C3 800MHz Barebone

  • Anyone tried one of these? The price is right, @$85. I've seen reports of FreeBSD and FreeNAS running on it, so I'm hopeful.

    Brand ASUS
    Model Terminator T1-C3
    CPU Supported
    CPU Type VIA C3 800MHz On-board
    CPU Socket Intel Socket 370
    FSB 133MHz
    North Bridge VIA CLE266
    South Bridge VT8237_CD
    Memory Supported
    Memory slot 2x 184Pin
    Memory Type Supported DDR200/266
    Max Memory Supported 2GB
    Expansion Slots
    AGP None
    PCI Express None
    PCI 1
    IDE ATA 2x ATA 100
    Serial ATA 2x SATA 150
    Onboard Video VIA UniChrome 2D/3D
    Video Memory Shared
    Onboard Audio Analog Device AD1888
    Channel 6-CH
    First LAN 10/100 LAN
    Max LAN Speed 10/100Mbps
    Extension Bays
    3.5" Internal bays 1
    3.5" External bays 1
    5.25" External bays 2
    Front Panel Ports
    Front USB 2
    Front Audio Ports 2 jacks
    Back Panel Ports
    PS/2 2
    COM 1
    LPT 1
    VGA 1
    Rear USB 2
    RJ45 1
    Rear Audio Ports 3 jacks
    Other Rear Ports 1 x Game / MIDI Port
    Power Supply
    Power Supply 165 W (PFC/non PFC)
    Physical SPEC
    Dimensions 7.1" x 10.8" x 11.8"
    Features VIA C3 CPU on board
    Package Contents Terminator T1-C3
    2 x Driver Disk
    User Manual
    Power Cord

  • The CPU won't be an issue. I have some via itx C3 boxes that run pfSense fine. You should check what type of NIC they use and if it's supported by freebsd but I think if freenas is working on that machine you shouldn'T have any problems running pfSense on it as freenas is also based on freebsd 6 series.

  • The ASUS site lists it as a "VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter."

    And I see this listed at

    The vr(4) driver supports VIA Technologies Rhine I, Rhine II, and Rhine III

    Only one free PCI slot though. I might have to go with some USB to Eth adapters.

  • Don't use USB nics, they don't perform very well and last time I tested them usb had issues. You want to use a multiport nic instead with that machine. If you add a 4 port nic you'll end up with a nice 5 port machine.

  • Okay, thanks for the heads-up on the usb. ;)

    Any recommendation on a 4 port nic?

    I'm looking at this Adaptec:

    Unless. . . will Soekris NICs work on non-soekris boards? If so, their 2 and 4 nic pci-cards seem like a good deal.

  • In general you can't go wrong with intel. You also will find compaq adapters that have intel chipsets. They are sometimes cheaper. Can't say too much about the adaptec. Check out freebsd lists for some experience reports on them.

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